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Sunday, November 27, 2011

June through September

June through September were really busy crazy months for our family.  We had all our kids coming and going at different times for different things.  Ben went to a two week camp and to Cameroon, Africa. Joseph and David were working every hour Fareway would give them.  Becca was working full time in the produce department at Fareway.  Joy was working at church and packing for her ministry trip with the Netcaster Team from BCM. The other thing that slowed me down was poison ivy... I pretty much kept it all summer with the exception of a few weeks, when I would go to the doctor to get medicine. So, we did not make many cakes and actually only made cakes for those that had asked us before summer came.  There was one exception to that rule though...  My neighbor was diagnosed with cancer and was not given long to live.  His wife planned a big birthday party for their family and close friends and at the last moment decided she needed more cake.  She came by and asked for a simple chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  With this situation, we did make the cake you see here...  (I had lost the picture and just recently found the memory card that had it!)  He did pass away, within a month or two of his birthday.  I am not sure how old he was, but I will never forget him walking his dog, loading up his van with golf bag and clubs, and yelling at cars that would speed down the road!  He was so protective of the safety of all his neighbors and he will be missed!