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Friday, July 18, 2014

Kid's Map Cake, Animal Cupcakes and Fondant Flower Cupcakes

Joy is absolutely amazing when working with kids and cake decorating!!  
She has amazing patience and has just a love for kids and teaching! 
Here you can see one of her cakes she made in a project class. 
It is frosted with buttercream and uses fun fondant techniques and a simple piping skill to complete.

Fun Simple Fondant Treasure Chest for Kids

Treasure Map Cake
Treasure Map Fun!!

One of Joy's Classes was teaching several piping skills and making animal cupcakes...
The kids loved them!!
Here are the cupcakes she made during those classes!  

Cupcake Class with Joy

Cupcake Animals

In the next two pictures, Joy taught a few private lessons on fondant flowers!  
Katie's grandma gave her a very special birthday present of cake decorating supplies and lesson time with Joy to learn how to make beautiful flowers and put them on cupcakes!! 

Katie did a GREAT job! 
Katie made these cupcakes for her Grandma and Grandpa's wedding anniversary!  

Anniversary Cupcakes make by Katie