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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake

Bubble Guppy Cake
I met Jessika over a year ago because she did a search online and found our blog.  We became friends on Facebook, got to know each other, and a month ago she took one of the Wilton cake classes at Hobby Lobby.  She asked if I would make her daughter's cake for her birthday and requested a Bubble Guppies cake.  She gave us some pictures of some ideas, but also gave us liberty to do whatever.

Coral, Sea Shells, and Seaweed on Cake

We did some research and printed off some pictures from online and planned our cake. The bottom layer is white cake, the top cake is chocolate with butter cream frosting. The border is self designed to look like waves.   Everything we added onto the cake is made with fondant. Some things were made with Wilton molds (pink and yellow coral and shells), but most things were made by hand. We put Finley's favorite characters on the top of the cake with her name. The sand at the bottom is brown sugar - one of the cakes we looked at online had that, and we felt it really added a lot to the cake!!

One of the highlights of making a cake is seeing the reaction of and hearing comments from people.  Jessika sent me a text that said it was just what they wanted and their daughter loved it.  That is probably the most rewarding part of making a cake!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby Shower Cake

Pea Pod Cake
Christina asked if we would make a baby shower cake for Chantelle.  She sent a few ideas and we picked the Pea Pod cake idea.   Orrin and Chantelle have been calling their little one 'Baby P' for many months, so it seemed to fit well!!  Chantelle's favorite flavor of cake is yellow cake and the frosting is butter cream with fondant accents.

The baby pea pod, leaves, flowers, and vines are all hand made out of fondant and completely edible, except for the center and stem of the little flowers.

The stripes and spots are fondant placed onto two buttercream frosted layers and the writing is buttercream.

 The shower was really nicely put together by Christina and other family members and we really enjoyed being a part of it also! I actually won a drawing!!

 For my students that watch the my blog regularly: the board is two cardboard disks taped together and wrapped with freezer paper, with ribbon hot glued around.  The cake pans are sizes 6" for the top and 8" for the bottom.  

Thanks for looking!

Anniversary Cake

My husband and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary.  I made a chocolate cake and torted it  into 4 layers with chocolate bavarian cream in between each layer.  That is my husband's favorite flavor!!  The colors and flowers on the cake match our wedding cake.  We are looking forward to another 28 years together!!!!

Gorgeous Grandma Day Cake!!

Gorgeous Grandma Day Cake
My mom and dad came for a visit this past week.  Gorgeous Grandma Day was the week before, but she asked if we could make a cake to celebrate it.  I always like a good reason to make a cake, and she was wanting to give us an excuse to make one, so she could watch.  
 My dad  bought a carrot cake and a canned cream cheese frosting with extra cream cheese to add to make it their favorite way.  This is a hard frosting to frost a cake with, so we went with the 'swirled' look.  
Primroses, Daisies, Pansies, Violets, and one Daffodil are the royal frosting flowers that brighten this cake!!  For the border we had to add extra powdered sugar to get it stiff enough to pipe.  She was happy with the final results!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Simple Chocolate Cake

We had a ministry team come for a week, and one of the team members had a birthday!  We were told he likes chocolate, so we made a chocolate cake with a chocolate Bavarian filling and chocolate frosting.  His favorite color is green, so our writing is in green.  I thought it really needed a few flowers, but Joy kept saying telling me you can't put flowers on a guy's cake.  Although it may look a little boring, it tasted GREAT!! 

Rainbow Birthday Cake

    Tammy S. asked for a cake for her little girl who was turning one year old.  She emailed me a picture that had 6 layers of cake, each a color of the rainbow, with fondant colored strips around the cake.  
   I usually use freezer paper and ribbon to cover the board as you can see in this picture. 

   A simple white cake with Wilton food coloring to make the colors seemed simple enough.  Baking the thin layers of cake was a lot harder than I thought it would be though!  They did not want to raise evenly, even with bake even strips. 

     All 6 layers are brushed with simple syrup and stacked - ready for frosting and decorating!! 

I used a simple technique to pipe strips around the outside of the cake...  it was a lot harder putting it on the side of the cake than on the top surface of a cake!  Frosting 'balls' on the top and sides and fun party writing finished the cake!