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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Becca!!

Inverted Gift Box Cake
Becca's birthday cake is an inverted gift box cake.  Her favorite colors are blue and brown, so we used geometric shapes out of blue and brown with a marbling affect.  We would have had more brown, but we ran out of brown food coloring (one thing we forgot to check when shopping).  The top tier cake is a triple dark chocolate wedding cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.  (We had ganache that was suppose to be in the middle of the cake layers, but decided to eat it on the side with the cake this time.)  The smaller bottom tier cake is an orange cake with orange cream cheese frosting.  We experimented with an orange curd that had a candy orange taste, and did not match the flavor of the cake. So again, we did not put it in between the layers.  Fondant covers both tiers with blue and brown fondant colored shapes to decorate it. 

This is an interesting cake that a bride showed me.  We wanted to experiment and see if we could do it. This is a small scale of the original and also simplified, for the sake of practice and experimenting. And although you can see it here and it doesn't look too bad, there are a lot of problems we ran into.  We need to learn how to do seams in fondant, because each corner has a seam that we could not work out.  It is also not completely even, although we measured and remeasured!!  There are so many angles to work with and think about, that it would be hard to get this cake perfect!!

Overall, this was a fun experiment and we were happy with our final product!  Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter Becca!!