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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Monty's Football Birthday Cake

 My good friend Christy asked if I would make a football cake and some cupcakes decorated like sports balls for her son's first birthday party.  Monty is always smiling and such a sweet little boy, I love caring for him in the nursery at church.

Christy has been a long time friend and is helping me learn sign language (which is not an easy thing to do... because I am slow, old and also nervous when I sign, yet she is so patient!) I worked my schedule to make these for her.

I looked at football shaped pans at the store, but decided against spending the money. As you can see here, I used an oval shaped pan and just cut it from there. Simple piping with zigzag and stars and writing for the laces.  The cupcakes were also star tipped and a simple writing technique to make different types of sports balls. 

Happy Birthday Monty!  We love you! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Joseph's Birthday

So.... I have been really bad about posting cake pictures.  We have baked some... and taken pictures of some... but for some reason just a little too busy to take the time to post and share on this blog.  

Today I plan to get caught up a little here while it is quiet at work... unless of course, if it gets busy.... then maybe I will try again next week!

Here is Joseph's birthday cake. He is my firecracker born on July 4th.  Since we knew he wasn't going to be able to be home for his birthday, we made a special meal with all the family together before he left in June.  It was sad for him to be gone, but grateful for the experience he had on the road with the Cola Clash this summer!

In the pictures, you can see Ella loves her Uncle DaDoo (her own personal name she made up for him - although she can say Uncle JoJo.)  Whenever we talk about Uncle JoJo, she says, "funny" - because she thinks he is so funny!

The cake is just a simple two layer/two flavor cake with buttercream frosting and fondant covering it. We didn't have a lot of time while getting him ready to go, so it was made very quickly.  Joseph LOVES fondant in any way or form: whether plain or on a cake, flavored or unflavored, etc. which makes it easy for us!  Everyone knows his love for the piano and for music, but with limited time we needed a simple design and this was definitely it!

Although we really missed Joseph on his actual birthday, we were excited to hear how he had an amazing summer traveling with Bobby Bosler and the Cola Clash.