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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Shower - Baby Bottom Cake

Baby Bottom - Baby Shower Cake
Chantelle V. sent me an email with a picture of a 'Baby Rump Cake' earlier this week.  I have always joked about this kind of cake looking like a headless baby cake.  But, I must say, after we finished the cake, it was not as weird as I thought looking at it in person!

We didn't have much time, but we started looking online at a lot of different ones, tutorials, etc...  and decided on things we did and did not like.  There are several changes we will make if we ever do one again, but we were mostly happy with the results.

The cake is a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting.  There was suppose to be filling, but I forgot, so I sent some filling with her. LOL (This getting old and my bad memory is for the birds!!)  The baby bottom is chocolate cake with butter cream and fondant covering it.  The legs are rice krispy cookies covered in thick fondant.  The dots, skirt, ribbon and bow are fondant and the writing is butter cream.

It was nice for Joy and I to be able to work together on this cake.  Many of the last few cakes were either just me working on them, or we worked on separate things at separate times.  We love making cakes together and the challenge of figuring them out with the best way to do something!  We make a great team together and always have a lot of fun!! Thanks for stopping by!