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Monday, November 21, 2011

Angry Birds Cakes

Cake Central put up a competition using Angry Birds as the theme.  The only problem about entering a Cake Central competition is...  it is an international community with professional decorators. We decided to try it anyway for fun!!  We also each have an account on Cake Central to save and share photos, so we decided to enter two cakes.

For these cakes we made a new cake recipe we found on Cake Central.  This recipe is really flavorful, moist and tasty! It took a few tries to figure it out, but we now have a GREAT new recipe!!  We also experimented with 4 fondant recipes.  We even had a taste test!!  The four kinds were:  Wilton premade, marshmallow, completely from scratch, and a powder fondant that someone gave us (thanks Dana).  It was interesting that we ALL picked different fondants as far as taste, but they did not all work the same when covering cakes and working with them.  The marshmallow fondant was extra rubbery, the scratch recipe and powder fondants were crumbly, and the Wilton was the easiest to work with. It is hard to experiment on cakes that you make for someone else, so this was a good time to make and compare. 

Cake #1 is a structure from I - 2 on Angry Birds.  The cake is an almond butter cake covered in frosting and fondant.  The brown fondant is a chocolate fondant.  The structure is rice krispie cookies covered in fondant. The sling shot is gum paste with a little fondant and painted in a cream cheese frosting to make it look like wood.  The birds and the pigs are made with fondant.  We also made a background made to look like the background of the game.

Cake #2 is a stacked cake with three tiers.  Each side represents a different level of Angry Birds.  Everything is hand made using fondant and gum paste mixtures.  The topper is gum paste painted with food coloring and/or food writers.

We joked that these were "The Cakes that NEVER End..." because they took so long and we thought we would NEVER finish them!  Enjoy the pictures below, you can see more at:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cakes-by-the-Sugar-Cains/112478982183338
Angry Bird Cake #1
Angry Bird Cake #2
Angry Bird Cake #2