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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Groom's Cake - Soldier Field & Wrigley Field Combined

Chantelle wanted me to do her wedding and groom cakes, but after much prayer and discussion my husband and I decided it was too hard to do large wedding cakes in our small kitchen at this time in my life.  I still offered to do the groom's cake and was excited about being able to do a groom's cake without also doing the wedding cake.  Wedding cakes are always such large structures, that I have to spend more time on them!!  

Chantelle wanted two half stadiums (baseball and football) put together.  At first I thought there was NO way, since the fields are such different shapes and sizes.  We spent a lot of time studying and researching both and discussed it with Chantelle a second time.  She told us we could do whatever we wanted to do, just to tie in both the Bears and the Cubs together... although she still liked her two stadium combo cake idea! 

Even as we started this cake we were not sure where we were going with it... so I took pictures as we went along!  The shape is a football stadium.  But on the outside we decorated one side as Soldier Field and the other side we decorated for Wrigley Field. The cake is carrot cake (Orry's favorite cake) with cream cheese frosting.
Fondant/Gum paste Wrigley Field Sign
On our Wrigley sign, we put Chantelle and Orrin's names! I always tell my students to practice writing on something before putting it on the 'real' cake or item...  After YEARS of decorating I still practice, as you can see on the wax paper!!
Wrigley Field brick wall and vines
On the inside of the Wrigley field, we put ivy on a brick wall. One thing Chantelle mentioned she would like. (Picture taken before 'people' added.)
Stadium advertisements
On the inside of the Bears Stadium, we put advertisements (what is a sporting event without some of those? LOL - picture also taken before 'people' added.)

Close up of Soldier Field side.... love the lights!!
Front of Soldier Field
 On each side, we also put a cap/helmit and a ball to go along with the 'sport' represented. 
Here is the cake at the wedding reception near the wedding cake!! 

Joseph's Birthday - July 4th, 2012

At first, Joseph told me he didn't want a birthday cake this year... but the night before he changed his mind.  After looking online with his sister, Joy, they picked one similar to this - a nice July 4th themed cake!  The thing he liked the most on this one was the 'banner' with the birthday message on it.  

This is a triple chocolate cake with butter cream frosting covered in fondant - another of Joseph's favorites! It was quickly made and put together on the 4th of July since we had other things going on too.  Good thing it was a simple design!!

We bought some new items from Wilton recently and it was fun to be able to use them on this cake!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Carrot Cake

For Sunday I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  Around the sides I put crushed pecans...  since that is the big thing to do now on the food channels!!   There is a simple shell border around the bottom and carrots on top. 

One of the first techniques that I teach in the Wilton Basics Course is to do dimensional decorating (piping).  The carrots are made using this technique.