Welcome to our blog!! We are learning to decorate cakes and loving every minute of it!! Join us by following our journey of designing and decorating cakes! Thanks for your interest and let us know what you think of our cakes by leaving a comment! -- Margie and Joy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I was able to locate a picture of the flower cupcakes on display at the ladies retreat. They are displayed on a Wilton cupcake holder.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Flower Cupcakes

"Bloom Where You are Planted" is an awesome theme for a ladies retreat!! A friend (Marvetta J.) asked us to make cupcakes for this retreat at her church. The ladies there did an awesome job of decorating their church fellowship hall!! It was so beautiful with so many colors and with a waterfall and pond!!

The cupcakes we made had a flower, which was made with white chocolate and colored with food coloring. These took longer than we thought and we ended up staying up past midnight working on them. The cake flavors were chocolate and cherry chip. We also made a really cute watering can out of fondant, gum paste, and royal frosting, that had royal frosting 'water' coming out of the spout to be on the top of the cupcake holder. Unfortunately, it started melting and falling apart on the way. We still have a lot to learn with transporting, and being better prepared at being able to fix things after arrival!!

When we got there, the ladies were so sweet and they all knew us, "The Sugar Cains" - from Marvetta sharing our blog on facebook!! We almost felt like celebrities, but we were both too tired to think at that time!! We even forgot to take pictures after we got there!! Partly because we were tired, but also because I had somewhere else to go shortly thereafter!! We learned many lessons through this one and gained some experience with white chocolate, molds, cupcakes, fondant/gum paste mixtures, and still trying to figure out what we can do differently with transportation.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chocolate Anniversary Cake

Kevin J. asked us to make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for his wife, Pam, for their wedding anniversary. After looking online, we found there are not many chocolate frosted cakes that are decorated. We talked about a lot of different things we could do, but came up with the design you see here. The colors needed to be light enough you would see them on brown. But, we didn't want pink on it... so the heart is a rose color, yellow for Pam (her favorite color), and blue for Kevin. We talked about putting the kids names around the bottom, but changed our minds as we were doing the letters for Kevin and Pam. Our chocolate frosting is very rich tasting, but light and airy, which makes frosting a cake REALLY hard to look professional. The letters and hearts were made using Joy's new Cricut Cake decorating machine. The flowers we made ourselves using fondant. We wish Kevin and Pam a wonderful 8th anniversary!