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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chocolate Anniversary Cake

Kevin J. asked us to make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for his wife, Pam, for their wedding anniversary. After looking online, we found there are not many chocolate frosted cakes that are decorated. We talked about a lot of different things we could do, but came up with the design you see here. The colors needed to be light enough you would see them on brown. But, we didn't want pink on it... so the heart is a rose color, yellow for Pam (her favorite color), and blue for Kevin. We talked about putting the kids names around the bottom, but changed our minds as we were doing the letters for Kevin and Pam. Our chocolate frosting is very rich tasting, but light and airy, which makes frosting a cake REALLY hard to look professional. The letters and hearts were made using Joy's new Cricut Cake decorating machine. The flowers we made ourselves using fondant. We wish Kevin and Pam a wonderful 8th anniversary!