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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nurse Graduation Cake

Nurse Graduation Cake
 Phil P sent me a message on Facebook several months ago asking if I would make a Nurse Graduation Cake for his wife (and my friend) Annie.  I asked for a few ideas of what they wanted, then started researching it online.  I looked at real pictures of nursing items and also looked at how other cake decorators made each of these items.  Each cake I looked at had different things I did and did not like. 
 Annie's favorite flavor of cake is lemon, so the top layer and the hat is triple lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting.  The bottom layer is a triple chocolate pound cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

 Everything on this cake is edible - gum paste, fondant, buttercream frosting, royal frosting, food writers and food coloring.    I was able to make almost everything I wanted to except a thermometer.  Time ran out unfortunately...
But I was able to get:  a prescription bottle with top and pills, bandage roll, band aids,  tweezers, nursing cap, diploma with Trinity's school colors, hypodermic needle, and pink stethoscope.  The bottle has Annie's graduation date and her cell phone number on it! 
 The last touch was a message handwritten by Phil to Annie.  He planned this party for her and the cake was his idea...  nothing like a personal message from him!

Thanks for looking!  

Wilton Classes

I began teaching Wilton Classes at the Hobby Lobby in Bettendorf, IA last month.   I love Wilton products, I love to teach, and I love cake decorating - so it seems like the perfect job for me!!  It started out slow with only 3 students my first month, but this month I have 4 classes with a total of 21 students! In fact, we were not quite prepared for the great turn out this month with many people signing up in the last few days before the class started!

I love the Wilton Method and how it can teach everyone to make a great looking cake!  Here are a few cakes from my students this past week.  Not sure why they came through sideways... they are lined up correctly on my card and my computer.  After several tries, I gave up, maybe I will come back and try it again another day!  

If you are interested in classes go to http://www.hobbylobby.com/home.cfm and click on the .store finder.  Put your zip code in and click on 'class schedule' to see each month's schedule.  I hope to see you soon!!