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Friday, April 6, 2012

MD-11 Birthday Cake

MD - 11 airplane cake
 Nick turned 25 today!  Over a month ago he told me his favorite airplane was an MD-11.  His dad flies this type of airplane for UPS. After some research online and some planning, I decided to make it with all sugar.  The base of the airplane, wings, and tail are all made with gum paste. The body of the plane is layered with royal frosting and cake.  Butter frosting and fondant cover over everything for a smoother surface.  It is painted with food writers and lots of food coloring. 

UPS airplane cake

The airplane cake sits on a triple chocolate cake decorated to look like a runway with butter cream frosting.

I had a few problems and will do things differently if I ever make another airplane.  I will have to get a wooden base for the bottom of the plane, because the moisture of the frosting made the gum paste flexible and start to sink at the back.

Airplane Cake

I love a challenge and when I first thought of this cake, I did not think I could do it!!  The more I planned, the more I thought it MIGHT work.  I was still wondering this morning before I layered the fondant on!!  Once it held together, my only worry was getting it on the cake and staying...   Let's just say, pictures were taken quickly!!  lol

Happy Birthday!