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Monday, September 26, 2011

White Wedding Cake and Boot Groom's Cake

Wedding Cake with Calla lilies

     Christina and Brandon ordered a solid white cake with fondant and pearls, and with gum paste callalilies on top.  It was not a hard order... the only problem was, we knew Joy would not be home to help with it.  I did not know if I could do it or not, and my friend Chantelle (and Christina's sister) was so confident in me - more confident than I was! They also wanted a boot cake that was 3 dimensional. After studying the pictures she found online and talking to Joy about the different techniques and whether I could do it by myself, I decided to do it.

     I always begin shopping 3 weeks before the wedding to find the best sales on each item each week.  Then the house is cleaned top to bottom and the pets 'quarantined' to two rooms away from the kitchen or they can go down to the basement.  Thursday I started baking and decorating the groom's cake and actually had it covered in fondant and the wooden floor completed.  On Friday morning the major baking started. As each cake cools, it is filled, frosted, and stacked and ready for fondant, as other layers are baking.

Traditional White Wedding Cake
     It took an all nighter Friday night to completely cover each layer with fondant and to also complete finishing touches on the flowers.  Christina chose a different flavor for each layer of cake:  chocolate with raspberry filling, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, lemon with lemon curd, vanilla cake with strawberry filling for the top and bottom layer.  The groom's cake is chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting.   It went pretty smoothly with only a few problems, and I actually got a little nap in the middle of all that!  All cakes were covered by 10:00 am on Saturday morning and then I started working on the fondant accents.  At 2:00 pm my husband and I loaded the vehicle and I headed over to stack and finish the frosting and pearls.  This could not be completed before moving or they would fall off, since they are held on by just a half drop of frosting.  I loved the heart topper Christina bought with the idea of adding the calla lilies on top around it.  Each cake tier had a different design, but all seemed to tie in together. Time ran out on the bottom layer, and I had to revise it a little.  We planned to have a frosting lattice, but between the time and my shaky hands from lack of sleep and time running out, I put the pearls where they would have been, and reluctantly left out the frosting lattice work.  It was actually very similar to the top layer then.  Their monogram initials are on the second layer from the top.

The boot was a fun cake to make.  Unfortunately, I forgot a camera in moving everything from the house to the reception, so the pictures you see are taken with a cell phone.  You can't really see the sewing and design work that I put on it,  but you can get the main idea.  The wooden floor is fondant rolled thin and 'painted' to look like wood.  It is actually a different brown than the boot - a reddish brown... so it wouldn't blend into the boot (which it looks like here.)  The reception was very beautiful... one of the most elegant I have ever seen!

It took well over 50 hours of shopping, baking, NS decorating to complete these cakes - not counting the hours spent studying techniques, searching similar designs, etc.  This was the biggest cake I have ever made to date. I had to work through a few problems (no cake is without some problems coming up)... but the biggest lesson I learned through this wedding cake experience... never do a wedding cake without Joy!!  We truly are a team and work well together.  I missed her ideas, thoughts, talents, etc through the whole experience!!    Thanks for looking!!!
Boot Cake on Fondant Wooden Floor