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Friday, September 16, 2011

Scrapbook Cake

Scrapbook Cake

 Monte ordered a non-birthday cake for Sandy.  Since it was NOT for her birthday, he said we could make it when it was convenient for us.  Life has been so busy this summer, we just didn't have time!  In fact, we turned down 6 cakes this summer, because we were SO busy and had a really big battle with poison ivy! Joy leaves in two days and will be gone for 2 months... we decided to get this cake made before she left!

This cake was mostly designed by Monte.  He looked online and found the potato paper, that you can print on with edible ink.  He ordered it and printed the pictures for us.  He also asked for a scrapbook with things like: the
Green Bay Packer Logo, a smiley face, a lilly, and  
Scrapbook Cake with Edible Pictures!
suggested a camera setting on top too, if we had time.  We did not get to the camera... as you can see!

The Green Bay Packer Logo is made by hand with fondant.  The smiley face is also made by hand with fondant. The Lily is made with gum paste and food coloring. The Albanese gummy bears are made with Stampin' Up stamps on potato paper with food writers and/or food coloring.  The coffee cup is also made the same way.  The flowers at the bottom of the scrapbook page is also Stampin' Up stamps on fondant.   The cover of the book is fondant and potato paper.  This was a fun cake, but took a LOT of time to complete... more than we expected!!

Happy UNbirthday Sandy!!