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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Party Cake (wedding cake practice)

 Joy and I have been asked to do wedding cakes for 3 friends.  We did not know if we were ready, and we didn't know where to even start..  How much time would it take?  How much would it cost to make one?  Are we ready for such a big project?  Where do we even start??   So, we planned for the past three potlucks to make a wedding sized cake.  But, each month something would come up and we would not get to make it.  When the adult Christmas party at church came up, it seemed like the perfect time to pull it together!!

We decided to make specialty flavors for the cake, frosting, and fondant.  The top layer is a lemon flavored cake with lemon frosting.  We have a homemade white colored fondant (to match the decorations) with lemon extract (to match the flavor of cake and frosting.)    This was our first attempt at making our own fondant.   It had a better flavor, but was VERY hard to work with.

Our second (middle) layer is a Candy Cane Cake.  The cake and frosting have added peppermint extract and crushed peppermint candy canes.  Again, we added peppermint extract to the fondant to match the flavor of the cake.

The bottom layer is half red velvet and half carrot cake.  Both of these cakes usually use cream cheese frosting, so that worked out perfectly!!

On the way to church to set up the cake, it was SNOWING.  The problem was, there was a car wreck at the bottom of the hill, and we were stuck in the middle of traffic.  It took us a while to find a good spot to U-turn and go to the church a different way (back tracking some too!!!)  The snow falling on the fondant left little shiny dots - so, we will have to see what to do if it rains or snows on a day when you have to carry a cake outside. 

Even so, we got the cake set up on time and you can see the finished product here!  It was not perfect, but we were excited about the fact that we did it!!  Now to figure out the full cost to make, as well as the time put into making it!!  Thanks for stopping by and looking!