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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Joseph's Birthday and July 4th

My son's (Joseph) birthday is on the fourth of July. He asks for a flag cake every year!! I think he likes the fact that his birthday is on such a celebrated holiday for our nation!

This year Joy and I started working with fondant and Joseph found he really likes fondant. So, for his cake this year he asked for a fondant covered chocolate cake in flag colors. Well, we have had plenty of practice with our last cake, so we made a smaller simpler one for him. Joy has always wanted to make the fondant balls to put around a cake, so that was a new technique we did this time. It looks fine on the bottom, but when we got to the second layer where the stripes are, the balls go up and down, and do not look quite as straight and neat. We are not quite sure how to fix that for the next one yet, but we will be reading up to see what other people do.

Happy 19th Birthday Joseph Matthew Glen Cain!! AND Happy 234th Birthday America!!