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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Graduation Cake

4th of July Graduation Cake
My friend (Chantelle V) asked Joy and I to make a graduation cake. She sent a few pictures of a few ideas she found, and we decided on the topsy-turvy style cake. We practiced the week before on a smaller version, to see if we could really do it. I must say, we BOTH LOVE working with fondant! It is kinda like playing with edible play dough.

5 cake mixes, 5 pounds of fondant, 3 batches of butter creme frosting, (plus much more), and lots of planning and work went into this one cake! It also has a LOT of calories, sugar, and fat in it!! LOL But, besides that, we got it to the party in one piece and ON TIME!

This was the biggest cake, and for the biggest occasion we have ever baked cake for. It was a very good experience for both of us! I was worried if we would get frazzled, but even with a few problems, we were calm and would start thinking of a plan B. There was one time when we could not find the black fondant we had mixed earlier in the week and had it in a sandwich bag... we could not find it anywhere!! One of the girls suggested praying, so we stopped, prayed, and within 3 minutes it was found! Thank you Lord! We also struggled a little with the tassel, and on about plan H it worked! Whew!

Tomorrow is Father's Day... should I make a Father's Day cake? Nope! My husband wants pie for dessert... Do you reckon he is tired of cake?