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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Piano Birthday Cake

Someone at church (Paul L) came up to me several months ago and asked if we would make his daughter (Pam J) a surprise Birthday cake. He wanted some type of piano cake, whatever we could come up with. Pam is a special friend of both myself and Joy, so we were very excited and started looking to see what we could come up with. Most self-designed piano cakes online were not very impressive, and we were a little discouraged. We started thinking about designs that would use the components of a piano on the cake (like the keyboard, musical notes, etc). Then Joy happened to find a Wilton vintage cake pan set of a grand piano that was on ebay. We started bidding, and lost it in the last seconds of the auction. We kept looking and found another one, and were able to win that one and actually paid less than the first one we were bidding on!

Next, knowing how much Pam LOVES chocolate, we asked a woodworking friend (Monte W) in our church to take our set and make a similar set of wood - the base with legs, the bench, and the top. Monte did an AWESOME job!! We were SO excited and couldn't wait until the BIG day! It was so hard to talk to Pam at church and not let out the secret, especially since it was a much talked about topic at home as we designed and planned it!!

Although we never had time to actually make an experiment of the piano cake before the BIG day, it actually went together pretty smoothly!! We decided on making a base plate with fondant that morning as we were working on the cake - which put us a little behind in getting done at the time we estimated, but it added SO much to the final product, I am glad we did it!

Pam was pleasantly surprised and we have heard more feedback from this ONE cake than any other cake we have made up to this point! We are also able to make this cake in a light creme color, and will hopefully get around to making one and adding a picture to the blog soon!!