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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Monty's Football Birthday Cake

 My good friend Christy asked if I would make a football cake and some cupcakes decorated like sports balls for her son's first birthday party.  Monty is always smiling and such a sweet little boy, I love caring for him in the nursery at church.

Christy has been a long time friend and is helping me learn sign language (which is not an easy thing to do... because I am slow, old and also nervous when I sign, yet she is so patient!) I worked my schedule to make these for her.

I looked at football shaped pans at the store, but decided against spending the money. As you can see here, I used an oval shaped pan and just cut it from there. Simple piping with zigzag and stars and writing for the laces.  The cupcakes were also star tipped and a simple writing technique to make different types of sports balls. 

Happy Birthday Monty!  We love you!