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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

David's Birthday Golf Course Cake

My youngest child, David, just turned 16 - WOW, where have the years gone?? He loves to play golf and so I made him a very simple 3 par hole from a golf course. Unfortunately, Joy could not help me, which meant I had to wing it on my own. Although, she did come in occasionally to offer her ideas and thoughts, she was just too busy with school stuff and watching the puppies.

David wanted a chocolate cake, with royal frosting on top. Royal frosting is a frosting that dries hard, and is usually used to make flowers ahead of time to put on a cake later. They taste a lot like the premade candies you buy in the store to put on cakes. Both David and Joseph love to eat the messed up flowers we make and they always joked that they wanted their cakes frosted with it. Well, we decided to try it regardless of the fact that the directions say Royal frosting is not intended to frost a whole cake. Let me tell you, they KNOW what they are talking about!!! LOL So... this was the best I could do!! The important thing was that David LOVED it and he actually ate a good bit of it!!