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Friday, January 20, 2012

We Will Miss you Mark J!!

 Mark was in our church for 6 months while he worked at Arsenal Island and lived at the motel near our church.  We really enjoyed getting to know him!!  We had a going away party after church on a Wednesday night.  Joy and I kinda decided at the last minute to make cake for his going-away party.  It is harder to make a cake for men than for women or girls.  For girls you use pretty colors and flowers, and for boys you can make sports stuff.  Mark is in the Air Force and would often come to church on Wednesdays dressed in camos.
So we decided to make the cake with camo colors.  The cake is a red velvet with a cream cheese frosting.  We put a simple shell and added a lot of party 'confetti' - kinda simple for us, but we didn't start on it until after 4 on Wednesday.  We are glad Mark is back with his family... but he will be greatly missed!!