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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Technique Experiment... Strawberry Heart Cake

     Joy and I LOVE to cover and decorate cakes with fondant... unfortunately, many people want cakes with just frosting!!  We even turned down a wedding cake recently.  The couple ordered their cake from some place else and when Joy saw it, she said it looked really bad!
     We just need to start experimenting and practicing.  Church potlucks are always a great opportunity to make a cake -  since our family doesn't need to eat a whole cake!! 

     One of the hardest things is getting the frosting right...  too thin or too thick of frosting can bring different problems!!  The frosting here is a little too thin for the actual cake...  it is not holding in the filling well enough!!  The texture was great for piping though!    This is the first time we added swags on the side of a cake with frosting.  It was not as hard as it looked!!

The cake is a triple strawberry cake, with strawberry filling, and a strawberry cream cheese frosting.  This is a very rich cake!!