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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A New Cake for the Hobby Lobby Display Case

Basket Weave Cake with Royal Frosting Flowers
     My first cake for the Hobby Lobby display case did not work too good.  The sun shines into the case and melts the fat in the frosting and turns the frosting weird colors...  So, this is plan B and I am hoping it will at least last longer than 3 weeks!!  It is made out of royal frosting - a frosting that has no fat and dries hard.  I also made the colors a little lighter so that they will not fade as quickly as a dark or bright color.

     The sides of this cake have a basket weave design and a reverse shell border on the top and bottom of the cake.  The roses, violets, apple blossoms, basketweave, and reverse shell border all come from Course 2 - Flowers and Cake Design!! 

     I am also working on a fondant cake to add to the display, just not sure how the sun will affect the fondant. A gift cake with a big bow on top would look awesome, but the heat would possibly make the bow fall flat.   Gum paste flowers from the Advanced Gum Paste Course 4 might be the way to go and it will help advertise Course 4 for the month of August!!

     Thanks for stopping by!!