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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Garrett's Groom Cake - Fish Plaque

Garrett has a lot of hobbies and talents!  Therefore, it was really hard to pick one specific idea for a groom's cake.  We talked a lot about a tool box with tools and also about tackle boxes with different fishing tackle, but, we finally decided on a 'stuffed' fish plaque.  The cake is chocolate, with chocolate peanut butter ganache and chocolate peanut butter frosting.  The fish is hand formed out of fondant with gum tex added to help it stiffen up sufficiently and hand 'painted' with food coloring mixed with extract.  The chocolate frosting has also been 'painted' with food coloring to give it a wooden look.  The silver plaque has their names and silver food coloring sprayed on it to give it an official look.  The nice thing about the fish is, it could be made in advance while I was still suppose to be down with my fractured foot up.  Garrett helped give  me a lot of tips when forming the fish, since I have SOOO little experience with fish and had only flat pictures to go by. We dried it on a board with cardboard wedges holding the back fin and head up to give it a more realistic position.  It did completely finish drying and help up with no extra supports.  Having the fish completed ahead of time made this a simpler cake to finish at the last minute!  Thanks for looking!