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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Garrett and Rebecca's Wedding Cake

Malibu Blue Wedding Cake with Gumpaste Roses and Fountain
Here is Rebecca and Garrett's "wedding" cake...  well, kind of...  I fractured my leg 6 1/2 weeks before the wedding, and although we were kind of talking about a dummy cake, after I broke it, our only option was to make a dummy cake.  It was hard enough to just make and frost sheet cakes, without the extra hassle of making sure they were perfectly frosted, even, and also stacked without any problems.

So what you see here, are three layers of styrofoam, frosted with sugar crystals on the outside to really give it a sparkle.  The top square is a real cake though... red velvet with a mock whipped cream frosting that literally melts in your mouth!  Joy made the beautiful gumpaste roses you see here as well.

Garrett and his dad Greg made the beautiful wooden base under the cake, which matches many other things that Garrett made for the wedding. Becca decorated the serving tables to coordinate with everything else in the auditorium and foyer areas.  It truly was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony!

Let me share a few pictures of the day:

The Happy Couple
Guest Book made by Garrett
The Wedding Party

The Ceremony

Their First Kiss
Cutting the Cake