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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quick Simple Birthday Cake for Becca

This year I had to make a really simple birthday cake for Becca.  Her birthday was on the same day as when we had to leave for vacation.  Between packing, cleaning, and making lunch for her, her boyfriend, and a few Fareway friends, the cake was made pretty quick... I didn't even get her name on it!!  Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Brown and blue are her favorite colors, so at least I got that right!!  I always tell my students to put an odd number of flowers on your cake, I kinda messed up there...  It looked too few with three, but after I got the fourth one on, I was worried 5 might be too much.  A small one at the bottom may have worked, but I was also crunched for time. Hopefully my students won't all give me too hard of a time with that one!!