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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Engagement "Stump" Cake

     Today my daughter Becca was engaged to Garrett Billings.  Since we knew in advance, my other daughter, Joy, and I prepared and planned an engagement 'stump' cake for them.  The chocolate cakes were baked before our trip to Michigan, as well as the chocolate frosting and ganache. These recipes were all made from scratch and made as an experiment for one of the cake layers for their wedding cake.  I am still waiting for the two thumbs up from Garrett and Becca, but I think we are close!
     Joy couldn't go on the trip, but helped me by making the two roses and blue and white blossoms. When we got to Michigan Garrett's mom, Lenora and I put the cakes in the freezer and frosting/ganache in the fridge.  It was tough to keep it all hidden from Becca, but Garrett and I stowed them away in a box labeled for Garrett's dad, Greg, and a few things in the center of my suitcase. Greg was also able to hide away all cake decorating stuff until the time needed!!
     Lenora had the perfect cake serving plate (something I had forgotten and kinda glad I did!!)  She also has a beautiful dining room and decor to add to the look of the cake!
 The heart is fondant with Wilton letters pressed into the fondant with also a little food coloring to help darken the letters and to give it a carved look.

I sure missed Joy's help decorating this cake today, she always has a lot of great ideas and the extra set of hands makes it go so much faster!  I actually had to call her for her ideas with one problem of messed up sepals (from traveling) on the roses.

Overall I am pleased with the results of this cake, although I have a few ideas to make it even better next time!!  Thanks for looking!