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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Basket of Apples Cake

Basket of Apples Cake

Ever since seeing a cake online, that looked like a basket of apples, I have wanted to try it.  I read up on it, purchased my ingredients, then started to work.  I planned to take it as a dessert to a bonfire.  BUT, it had some MAJOR problems and I could not bring it.  After the bonfire, I finished it enough just so I could get pictures. Someday I will have to try it again, taking a few steps to make this cake a success! 

The first picture on the top left was taken just before we planned to leave for the bonfire.  I still had to 'paint' the apples, but I was simply going to do that as Becca drove us out to the bonfire.  The bumps on the road were TOO stressful on the basket and one side of the basket broke open.  Next time we will make the cake denser and then put dowel rods from the apples down into the cake.  This will help hold them up and keep them from putting as much pressure on the basket walls as possible.  

The cake I made for this was a marble cake with chocolate frosting.  This way you also see brown between the cracks of the basket! 

The basket is fondant  that has been rolled, indented, and painted to look like wood.  The apples are rice crispy treats shaped into ball shapes, frosted, then fondant covered.  They are finally painted with food flavoring and food coloring. 

The dirt on the bottom of the serving tray is chocolate frosting, Green grass is piped around the basket also.  I would like to try this cake again some time, since I love the look of the finished product!!