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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Engagement Stump Cake for Rachel and David

I guess 'the' engagement celebration of each of my children will be with a "stump" cake!  We were able to celebrate together with Rachel's parents and sister a week and a half after the official proposal.  These first three pictures were taken by Rachel's sister Caitlyn Warner - an amazing photographer!!  

David and Rachel

Full Picture of the stump cake - picture taken by Caitlyn Warner

 David asked for a triple chocolate cake with triple chocolate frosting and the filling is rich chocolate gnache.

 The flowers are gumpaste

We even made the roots of the tree come out.
 I love making wooden planks and trees and any kind of wooden objects.  This was simply put on with tip 789 then dragging a knife over it to make the bark look more natural and gnarled. 
Gumpaste flowers w/ buttercream leaves, stems and grass!
Gumpaste Flowers climbing up the stump!
Close up of the frosting bark.
 So rich and FATTENING!!  but so worth it!!

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