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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bridal Shower Pig Cake

My daughter, Rebecca, fell in love with the kit kat 'pig cake' (or so we call it) from a picture we saw on facebook a few months ago.  When planning her bridal shower, she chose this cake and decided on two pigs sitting together in the 'barrel' of mud!
This was a really simple and quick cake to bake and make!  Joy and I made our pigs and flowers out of fondant while the cake baked and cooled. I also etched a wood-grain look on the kit kat bars to make them look more like wooden slats and to cover up the obvious words! We then frosted it with (don't tell anyone) a canned frosting and stuck on the kit kats, which actually stayed on better than I anticipated, until I was able to get the ribbon around it.

Crushed oreo cookies really make a nice rich-looking dirt and some mud puddles made from melting the frosting helps make it a really 'muddy mess!' The green buttercream grass and blue and pink blossoms definitely help to brighten things up!!   I especially love cakes like this one that are fun and that pull together so easily!!

We also made cupcakes to match!