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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wedding Cake and Groom's Cake

Non-traditional Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake
We made our first ever wedding cake and groom's cake for our friend, Annie!!  It was a very busy week of planning and baking!!  We did not plan for any problems, and have learned a few good lessons!!  First of all, plan for problem!!  We had a cake fall during baking (maybe because we doubled the recipe?) and it pushed our cake baking schedule an hour longer.  Humidity was also a problem which we heard could affect gum paste, fondant, and sugar works, but never experienced it ourselves until this weekend!

Annie chose a Lollipop Topsy Turvy cake to go along with a lollipop theme for the reception.  She had four tiers, so she chose lemon cake (with lemon curd filling & lemon cream cheese frosting), white chocolate cake (with raspberry filling & white chocolate frosting), red velvet cake (with cream cheese frosting), and orange cake (with orange cream cheese frosting).  She also wanted a sheet cake of a chocolate cake and butter cream frosting.

The wedding cake is covered in fondant with fondant shapes.  The 'Lollipops' on top are made from gum paste and one has a monogram P for their last name.  She wanted a non-traditional cake that would match her reception theme.  I wish I would have gotten a few pics of the tables, because she did a great job of planning and putting it all together! 

Cake Table

Tackle Box Cake

The groom's cake is a tackle box made with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, and fondant covering it. This cake was a real challenge.  We wanted to make see-through plastic looking panels like Phil's tackle box, but the humidity made the rock candy sticky and unpredictable.  We threw that plan out the window early Saturday morning and did a little redesigning!  The drawer, bobber, fish string, hooks, fish lures, etc. are made with gum paste.  The styrofoam cup and worms in the cup are made of fondant, with a cup cake inside and ground cookies on top. The wooden 'dock' is fondant painted with food coloring and butter extract. .The red worms were made with a recipe for gum drops poured into a mold.  The fish string has writing on it using markers that have food coloring in them! 

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